تفاصيل المنافسات

اسم المنافسة Initial qualification for printing companies
الفئة Educational Services and Materials
وصف المنافسة Qualification of printing companies to obtain printing tender and supply of textbooks
تاريخ التسليم 11/25/2018
تاريخ الدعوة 11/15/2018
تاريخ بدء استقبال العروض 11/18/2018
آخر موعد لشراء كراسة الشروط 12/2/2018
سعر شراء كراسة الشروط والمواصفات (ريال سعودي) 4000.00
الوثائق المطلوبة .
مكان بيع كراسة الشروط .
مكان تسليم العروض .

Qualification of printing companies to obtain  printing and supplying textbooks tender for 1440-1441 Hajri by presenting the following requirements

1. Profile of the printing company 

2. Provide financial and absorptive capacity to implement the project

3. Provide technical and human resources for the implementation of the project

4. Provide everything that strengthens the printing press to get the tender

5.  A list of the previous printing projects (printing projects with large quantities)

Please send the requirements to e-mail tendering@t4edu.com titled "Initial qualification of the printing companies"

and no later than Sunday, 25 November 2018


Purchasing the RFP will be only qualified venders