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اسم المنافسة RFI for Outsourcing of IT Services at T4EDU
الفئة Educational Services and Materials
وصف المنافسة RFI
تاريخ التسليم 9/16/2016
تاريخ الدعوة
تاريخ بدء استقبال العروض
آخر موعد لشراء كراسة الشروط
سعر شراء كراسة الشروط والمواصفات (ريال سعودي)
الوثائق المطلوبة
مكان بيع كراسة الشروط
مكان تسليم العروض

Under the vision and leadership of King Abdullah Bin Abdullaziz, the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has embarked on a very ambitious program to improve the quality of its education services. At the heart of this program is a new K-12 education development strategy, spearheaded by King Abdullah Public Education Development Project, known by the Arabic name Tatweer. The strategy puts students learning at the center of its policy and programmatic actions, including through actions in the areas of curriculum, professional development, equity of provision, technology mobilization, leadership and supervision, management and organization, etc.

 The strategy recognizes that building the capacity of teachers, principals, counselors, supervisors and other education leaders is key to improving the quality of student learning. In this respect, various professional development programs are being implemented in key areas, such as STEM, English, Arabic, instructional and assessment strategies, 21st century skills, technology integration, and management and leadership. These programs aim to provide teachers and other education professionals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to support students learn and succeed in the 21st century.

 T4EDU has been engaging for the last years in many projects that evolve around the development of the educational sector in the kingdom. These projects have been performed in collaboration with many local and global stakeholders spread across many geographies and industries.

 Therefore the senior management at T4EDU has undertaken the initiative to build a strong and capable IT organization that is able to support all T4EDU‘s business operations 

 Hence the purpose of this RFI is to gather technical information and requirements for eventually building a request for proposal that caters for the business requirements and specifications for  designing and implementing a Model  for Outsourcing the IT operations at T4EDU

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